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We at Home Carpet One are dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their carpet. Proper carpet care can mean the difference between having long-wearing carpet that looks new for years, and the dingy, shabby stuff that makes office buildings everywhere feel dull and drab. So what causes carpet deterioration, and what can be done about it?

Rapid resoiling is a culprit, caused by residue from shampoo, dry foam, powders, and bonnet cleaning methods. Inferior cleaning methods only push stains in deeper into the fiber, causing them to resurface. Also, carpet tends to collect dirt merely because dirt and soil hide in the pile. If a hardwood or tile floor is dirty, it usually demands immediate attention. Carpets, on the other hand, are often neglected for longer period of time, giving dirt particles time to cause abrasion to fibers. This damage is then magnified by light refraction, causing the dull, worn-out appearance that manifests in high-traffic lanes throughout carpeted spaces.

We encourage all commercial carpet owners to vacuum regularly. The simple act of vacuuming (using a quality upright vacuum cleaner with a reel-type brush) can remove 80% of the soil in most carpets. The brush is important, as it moves the tips of the pile, allowing dry particulate matter to be knocked loose and sucked away. The best technique is to slowly vacuum back and forth in one direction until the rug appears clean. Then, do the same motion in the perpendicular direction. New carpet will lose a significant amount of loose fiber, but this is normal.

If you’re in charge of the cleaning in a commercial space, you may think you can save money by having your carpets vacuumed less often. In fact, you’ll save money in the long-run if your carpets are vacuumed frequently, because the carpet will last much longer if properly cared for. There are many professional carpet cleaning services offered in the Chicago area, and your Home Carpet One representative can help you determine what kind of service will work best with the carpets you choose.


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