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When deciding on where to install tile flooring, the common trend among homeowners is to choose the bathroom or kitchen. There are a number of reasons why these are the best places to consider having tile flooring installed, all of which take advantage of its ability to dramatically add value to the home.

Tile flooring looks great, it is easy to clean, and it resists wear from heavy foot traffic better than many other types of flooring. This combination of practicality, durability, and visual appeal makes it ideal for the two parts of the house that consistently see the most use - the bathroom & kitchen. Thoughtfully chosen tile flooring looks clean, and can easily compliment the other features of these rooms. It is often an effective way to brighten a room and thus add a sense of open space.

The kitchen is usually the meeting place in a home, and bathrooms obviously get a lot of use. Tile flooring typically won’t wear out from the constant use of these two rooms, resulting in less maintenance and longevity, especially when considering the visual appeal. With tile flooring, spills are easy to deal, especially when large tiles with minimal grouting are used, keeping the floor clean and hygienic. Some tile manufacturers have started to add anti-microbial self-cleaning treatments to tile, making cleanup effortless. Jasba, a tile line we carry at Home Carpet One, uses hydrotect on most of their tile lines, a product that does just that, cleans itself.

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Tile flooring thus outperforms other budget-friendly kitchen and bathroom flooring options such as linoleum, which wears out quickly and is more susceptible to moisture leaks and damage. Viewing home improvements as an investment in future value is important. The importance that people place on how the bathroom and kitchen look, as well as the functionality, means that spending extra money to improve the usefulness and visual appeal of the kitchen and bathroom almost always offers the best return. This means a homeowner that upgrades their bathroom or kitchen with tile flooring will get great value, enjoyability, and a decent return on their investment.


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