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"New year, new me!” is the mantra we often deliver ourselves every New Year’s Eve. But what happens when the champagne’s been popped, the lights come down and the party’s over? Finding the motivation to keep your New Year’s resolutions can be tough. Setting up a self-care routine, though, can help you stay on track to complete your resolutions.

incorporate self-care

Why is self-care so deeply important? Well, we find that when we take better care of ourselves, this leads to more motivation, better confidence and an overall positive outlook on life.

Something we often forget, though, is that our environment is a crucial element to self-care and maintenance. This New Year, prioritize creating a relaxing space that encourages you to unwind and indulge in some serious self-care.

If we’ve learned anything from the tumultuous events of the past two years, it’s that our home is a safe haven and you should love living in it. That being said, we’ve pulled together seven tips to incorporate into your home so that you can feel the self-love this new year.

1. Create a Welcoming Entryway

Graber Pleated Shades

First impressions last, so make yours a positive one by designing a welcoming entryway complete with a beautiful welcome mat, a console table and some eye-catching artwork. Your entryway sets the tone for the rest of your house so pull in elements from other rooms such as window treatments and paint colors to create a cohesive environment. For instance, if your house is designed with a soft neutral palette, use similar shades of neutral in your entryway with soft white blinds or white oak floors. But, if you’ve decked the place in grandmillenial décor, incorporate some upholstery in small scale prints with a window seat or show off a blue and white heirloom vase on the entryway table.

When you come home at the end of a long work day, you want to feel wrapped in comfort from the moment you step in your doorway. Take the time to personalize your foyer and add tranquil elements that will help make you feel at ease.

2. Separate Your Workspace

Design by REBECCA HAY Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI

In a world of hybrid work models, work-from-home has become a regular part of our schedule. It’s critical to your mental and emotional well-being to establish clear lines between your personal and professional life. Do this by designating a space in your house that is a work-only zone. This alleviates stress as it keeps the rest of your home work-free.

A work-zone can look like a home office, the desk in the guest room or even a closet cube. Find a space in your house where the noise levels and lighting allow you to be productive –and maybe you can even shut a door. But be sure to close your home office down once the clock strikes five. Nothing’s worse than getting work messages on your personal laptop when the work day is done.

3. Incorporate Soothing Neutral Hues

Soothing Neutral Hues

Soft neutral hues induce a sense of calm so when it comes to choosing paint colors for the “relaxing” rooms of your house like the living room, bathrooms and bedrooms, find colors that aren’t too loud. Try a foggy blue, warm white, muted green or a soft gray. These lighter neutrals are great because they’ll match any existing décor and design style.

You can incorporate neutral shades by installing tile accent walls, painting your walls in light colors, and by using neutral soft fabrics throughout linen and furniture. While white has long been a go-to color option for interior décor, sometimes all white surfaces can feel a bit cold. Soft neutrals can still attain a sense of uniformity while also infusing warmth throughout your spaces.

4. Add Calming Natural Elements

Design by HIBOU DESIGN + CO Photography by DREW HADLEY

Insert a few living pieces throughout your home to create a visual and aromatically appealing space. Even if this is just a bouquet of flowers from the local grocery store, greenery makes a huge impact on creating a safe sanctum. Evoke the calm of nature and purify your air with potted plants, a dried floral arrangement or a fresh vase of sprigged greens.

Authentic wood flooring is a beautiful natural accent in any household. Install natural hardwood floors in places like the living room, bedroom and entryway. Now, with engineered hardwood, you can also have a sealed waterproof hardwood installed below grade and in moisture-prone areas of your home. Creating a unified, natural look with original hardwood flooring is a great way to keep your space natural and creates a beautiful visual with its organic elements.

5. Swap Out for Lighter Window Treatments

Graber Natural Drapes

Using lighter drapes opens up your home because light colors reflect light better. Go for gauzy, open curtains or honeycomb blinds so the natural light can pour through and envelope your rooms with warmth. Opt for sheer materials or light neutral shades as these allow more sunlight into your room. The overall quality of natural light is much better than artificial lightbulbs as artificial light sources emanate the static spectrum and unlike sunlight, their mix of colors doesn’t change with the time of day.

6. Design a Spot for Solitude

Design by HIBOU DESIGN + CO Photography by DREW HADLEY

Create a space that caters to your hobbies. Turn that extra garage space into an art studio; install a double oven so you can bake more; design a cozy reading nook with lots of pillows and soft throws to curl up with a good book. Or, maybe your thing is binge watching the latest television show, so you make an at-home theater with a big flat screen or a projector and a comfy sofa. Just be sure you add some sound and light-blocking shades to your windows so that you can dampen outside noise and light to create a more dramatic experience.

Designing a spot for solitude can be as simple as adding spa elements to your ensuite bath. Install a freestanding soak tub and maybe even shell out some extra money on that copper sink you’ve had your eye on. A spa-like bathroom can make all the difference in your daily skin care routine and inspire a few extra moments of relaxation and self-care.

Whatever your needs are, make sure that you have a space in your home that’s just for you. Doing the stuff you love is an important part of self-care that is often overlooked when it comes to overbooked schedules, family needs and work deadlines.

7.Make Room for an Exercise Space


“Exercise is good for you!” isn’t just an age old mantra –it’s a science. Regular exercise can increase your self-confidence, help you relax, lead to better sleep and improve your overall mood. Exercise pumps up your endorphins, or your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters which fosters relaxation.

Create a space in your house to exercise whether that be a home gym, a yoga studio or even a mat on your living room floor. Incorporate a daily routine to get the blood pumping and increase your serotonin. You might be surprised at how good it feels to get moving, even for just a few minutes a day!

Looking for more design inspiration to get you started on your home projects this New Year? Check out the winter issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple for expert designer advice and new flooring trends!


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