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Stair runners can be an excellent addition to your home for multiple reasons. First of all, they are beautiful and add an elevated look to your space. Perhaps more importantly, they can protect the wood (or other materials) on your stairs and can work wonders for noise reduction. Carpets for stairs can really tie your home together and if you have kids, they can also add an element of safety. We highly recommend stair runners for your home so we’ve broken down the installation process, the benefits, recommended materials and some ideas for stair runners.

Stair Runners

Stair Runner Installation

Stair runners generally require professional installation. At Home Carpet One, we have long standing relationships with independent contractors who do a fantastic job installing and fabricating stair runners.
To prepare for installation make sure you:
1. Prepare the space by removing any unnecessary loose items
2. Remove artwork from the walls
3. Remove any fragile items from the space, as there will be some pounding and vibration
4. Disconnect electronics in the area
5. Reserve elevator space ahead of time if necessary

Benefits of Stair Runners

Stair runners have a lot of great advantages both visually and practically. Let’s dive into all the reasons you might want to invest in stair runners for your home!

From an aesthetic standpoint, stair runners are a great place to add a decorative element to your home. Typically they don’t need to match the carpets on your bottom or top floors and they can also stand out against your uncarpeted floors. Check out these wool carpets for some ideas for stair runners.

Wear & Tear
From a practical standpoint, carpets for stairs can protect your floors from scratches and other imperfections that are often sustained from daily wear and tear. Stairs often sustain the most impact in your home and protecting the wood is very important.

Family & Safety
They can also add a layer of safety and support if you have young children, pets or elderly family members living in your home. Similarly, if you have teenagers (or pets) who are always stomping away on your stairs, carpet can help with noise reduction. There are so many benefits to adding carpeting to your stairs!

Carpets for Stairs

Recommended Materials

We typically recommend using wool flat weaves for stair runners. However you can experiment with any type of material on stairs so long as it's a lower pile carpet. Some examples of other carpet fibers would be lower pile wools, indoor/outdoor, or nylons.

As you might know your stairs take the brunt of heavy foot traffic in your home, so using wool is a smart move. Wool carpet is durable and it repels stain and dirt. These factors make it the optimal choice for stair runners.

Ideas for Stair Runners

We know it can be challenging to find the right look for your stair runners so we have put together some inspiration for you. This is a great opportunity to add a little color, pattern and excitement to your living space.


A popular choice for stair runners, Addington comes in a variety of colors. We have blue and charcoal gray readily available in-stock at Home Carpet One.

Stair Runners   Carpets for stairs

Lucky Star

This pattern is unique and has an intricate design that we have in stock and available in two beautiful gray tones.

Ideas for Stair Runners

Peter Island

This style is perfect for stair runners, as it is truly eye-catching. It is currently in stock in three colors: beige, gray and silver.

Ideas for Stair Runners   Ideas for Stair Runners   Stair Runner Installation


This unique and beautiful style comes in a deep blue color and a khaki. It’s a great way to add a fun print to your home.

Blue Stair Runner   Carpeting for Stairs   Khaki Runner Installation

Need more inspiration? Check out all of our favorite materials for stair runners here. You can also follow our sister Instagram account Chicago Stair Runners to see some of our favorite stair runner installs. Stair runners are a beautiful addition to any home and we highly recommend a stair runner installation in your home. If you’d like to order free samples to see what fits on your stairs, take a look at our offerings.


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