What goes underneath your carpet can be almost as important as selecting the carpet itself. Home Carpet One includes a pad that is appropriate for the performance of the carpet that you select, but there are other options that provide additional potential benefits. For example, if you have radiant heat floors you will want to take a look at our rubber or memory foam options. If you have selected a woven carpet yet want a softer feel underfoot, you will want to explore using the Healthinex Memory Foam instead of the synthetic felt pad that would otherwise be included. If you want the ultimate luxury under your plush carpet, the ½” Healthier Choice pad is a great option. Below you will find a brief description of each pad.



Titan is a ¼”, 8 lb rebond pad. Hypoallergenic and CRI Green Label Plus-certified. Included in all of our carpets under $3.00 per square foot and all of our Debbie’s Deals carpets.

Titan Pad


Healthinex Titanium Memory Foam

Healthinex Titanium is a 3/8 inch thick, 10 lb high-density visco-elastic memory foam pad that features a breathable moisture barrier and built-in anti-microbial protection. Its dense structure extends your carpet’s life while preventing long-lasting indentations. It also has the lowest VOC emissions of any man-made cushion and is ideal for radiant heat. This pad can used under any carpet, including on stairs and with woven carpets. Hypoallergenic and CRI Green Label Plus-certified.

Healthinex Titanium Memory Foam Pad


Ultra Magic

Ultra Magic is a 3/8”, 8 lb rebond pad. Its bonded foam extends the life of your carpet while adding comfort and reducing noise. Hypoallergenic and CRI Green Label Plus-certified. Included in any looped or cut and loop carpet over $3.00 per square foot other than woven carpets.

Ultra Magic Pad


Healthier Choice Memory Foam

Healthier Choice is a true ½” luxurious high density memory foam that shares all the revolutionary benefits of the Healthinex pad. Its thickness makes it most suitable for plush and cut & loop carpets. It is not ideal for looped or woven carpets. Hypoallergenic and CRI Green Label Plus-certified.

Healthier Choice Memory Foam Pad



Luxury is a 7/16”, 6 lb rebond pad. Similar in characteristics to the Ultra Magic, but it is a little thicker and less dense allowing for a softer feel. Included in all of our plush and shag carpets over $3.00 per square foot.

Luxury Pad


Healthier Living Rubber

Healthier Living is a 75 oz synthetic rubber pad designed specifically to fight mold, mildew, and other allergens. It is inherently anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. It also provides excellent sound insulation and does not crumble or deteriorate with age. Spill Bloc keeps stains from bleeding through the cushion. Suitable for any non-woven carpets. CRI Green Label Plus-certified.

Healthier Living Pad


Synthetic Felt

Synthetic felt pad provides the firmness required for woven carpets, stair applications and commercial projects. Hypoallergenic and CRI Green Label Plus-certified. Included on any stair application and with any woven carpets. This pad has a very firm feel and can have some unevenness to it.

Synthetic Felt Pad


Tred-Mor Rubber

Tred-Mor is a ¼ inch, 68 oz synthetic rubber pad perfect for heavy traffic areas like commercial and stair applications. It also works well under woven carpets. Hypoallergenic and CRI Green Label Plus-certified.

Tred-Mor Rubber Pad
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