Carpet Runner / Stair Runner

Carpet runners (aka stair runners) can transform an ordinary hardwood staircase into a luxuriously warm and elegant focal point in your home. A carpet runner can also make it safer for children and pets to run up and down the stairs.

Home Carpet One works with craftsmen who can make your dream runner a reality. Visit the showroom to work with one of our talented sales associates and they can assist you in the design process from selecting the right carpet and perfect edge treatment to the proper method of installation. View our In-Stock Carpet selection »

In terms of the proper carpet, it usually comes down to the look you want to achieve. While looped wilton-wool carpets are not recommended for stairs from a durability standpoint, they are often selected because of the look they achieve. By the same token, sisal and other natural fibers can make a dramatic impact. For those being more practical, there are fantastic nylon cut-pile patterns from Milliken that can transform your space. In general, you want to avoid using fibers like polyester or olefin for a stair-runner if at all possible. Those fibers won’t bounce back as well as nylon or wool.

Wool Wilton Runner

Wool Wilton
Stair Runner

Sisal Waterfall


Milliken Nylon Cut-Pile Hollywood

Milliken Nylon
Cut-Pile Hollywood



Wide Cotton Waterfall

Wide Cotton Waterfall

Once the carpet is selected there are a few other critical decisions to make. First, you will need to decide how you want the stairs to be finished. One option is Waterfall, which allows the carpet to simply drape over the nose. The downside of this more casual look is if the stair case is open, you will see the padding exposed.



The other option is Hollywood, which is a more formal and tailored look. For the Hollywood style, the carpet is tucked under the nose of the stair.

Sisal Wide Cotton Hollywood

Sisal Wide
Cotton Hollywood

Peter Island with leather border and studs

Peter Island with leather border and studs
(Our In-Stock Looped Wilton- Wool Carpet )


The next major decision to make is how you want the edge of the carpet to be finished. The most popular method today is polyester serging, which provides a sophisticated look without overwhelming the runner. Less commonly chosen is a simple polyester binding finish. Gaining traction, is the machine cotton serging, which allows for a bit more substantial finished edge. Similarly there is a cotton binding, which can be done in a variety of widths. Once the width of the finished edge goes beyond ¼” the installation usually requires a two-stage process and additional expense. For those looking for a truly unique look, we also offer wider-edge finishes in linen, faux leather and real-leather. The options are endless.

Polyester Serging

Polyester Serging

Polyester Machine Binding

Polyester Machine Binding

Machine Cotton Serging

Machine Cotton Serging

Machine Cotton Binding

Machine Cotton Binding

Hand Cotton Binding

Hand Cotton

Wide – Edge Linen Finish

Wide –
Edge Linen Finish

Wide – Edge Leather with Studs

Wide –
Edge Leather with Studs

Faux Leather Trim

Faux Leather Trim


Lastly, you will need to determine the width of the runner. For custom runners, Home Carpet One often recommends leaving 4” to 5” on each side. This can vary, however, because many stair cases have narrower spots then others, especially when landings come into play. For this reason, even if we have a recommended width, it is crucial for you to be home when the runner is installed so you can consult with the installer so you can have the best possible outcome.




Wool Wilton Hollywood

Wool Wilton

Flat Weave Wide Cotton

Flat Weave
Wide Cotton

Looped Wilton – Wool Hollywood Example

Looped Wilton –
Wool Hollywood Example

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