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Pre-finished Natural CORK flooring offers a variety of patterns, colors, and densities. Though CORK encompasses only a small fraction of the total floor covering market, there has been a surge in popularity since the shift to recycled products has changed the course of the flooring industry.

Today, buyers are much more discerning in their quest for the right product, thus selecting floor coverings that offer the most benefits. Pre-finished Natural CORK flooring comes with 5 coats of Acrylic finish. The Acrylic finish is UV cured and does not contain formaldehyde which can produce toxic gases when combustion occurs.

Also CORK offers superior acoustical insulation making it the perfect choice for areas where sound abatement is required. Moreover, due to the composition of CORK flooring, it provides a comfortable cushion to walk on. This directly translates into fewer back, knee and joint related stresses. CORK is also highly resilient, making typical indentations left by furniture or other heavy objects less noticeable compared to wood, carpet or vinyl floor coverings.

Natural CORK is available in 2 types of installations. There are glue-down and floating systems, each having it’s advantages. Floating CORK floors are not attached to a substrate and function as a single unit as all panels are securely adjoined. These systems can be installed in either residential or commercial settings and offer an economical approach as the necessity for adhesive is not present. The planks simply inter-lock as any floating floor would and feature JointShield edge sealing for added protection. This moisture protection system enables the cork floor to wear better in the presence of water giving the edges of the panels watertight capabilities. However, it should be noted, wet mopping is highly discouraged and any spills should be cleaned up right away. Regular maintenance simply requires routine sweeping and vacuuming to avoid the build up of abrasive particles.

The other type of installation involves glue down cork tiles. With this type of installation, the installer can create intricate borders and patterns. These systems are available for residential and commercial applications though the appropriate underlayment must be present. This helps avoid compromising the bonding capabilities between the cork and substrate it is being attached to. Though the floating panels are typically denser than the glue-down, it should be noted these glue-down tiles are formulated to flex under pressure. A higher density will yield less indentations and aid in reducing the daily wear and tear any floor covering sustains.


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